Gallery Opening: Past Perfect - Friday January 20th 6-9pm

Past Perfect - Jamie Hayes Gallery Opening: Friday January 2oth 6-9pm

We here at LivingRoom could not be more delighted than to be opening the year with this one of a kind show from the multi-talented artist Jamie Hayes.

In the spring of 2009, Jamie contacted a group of friends and colleagues to participate in a collaborative project, called Past Perfect, wherein participants would work with her to design a dream garment: items they’d loved and lost or items they’d always wanted. Participants were also asked to write about why the item was important or compelling to them. The following summer, Jamie and Photographer Alix Lambert went to Vietnam and worked with tailors there to create these garments and accessories. Alix documented this process in Vietnam, as well as photographed the final portraits of the participants in their items. This show is the first time all of these amazing items will be on display together. And we here at LivingRoom invite you to join us for what will most certainly be a remarkable evening!