Landscape of the Housing Market for Buyers Thursday, February 15th

Landscape of the Market for Buyers LogoLandscape of the Housing Market for BuyersThursday, February 15th, 6:30pm-8pm

It's time for another buyers class! Now is the perfect time to learn about the housing market if you're planning to buy in the spring. Join us at LivingRoom Realty from 6:30-8:00 pm on February 15th as Real Estate Broker Liz Dudek, Mortgage Broker Ben DeBoer, and Home Inspector Mike Lamb guide you through the current landscape of home purchasing.

Topics to be covered will be:

- The pre-approval process and preparing your finances - Step by step overview of home buying process - Loan products available in today’s market - What are closing costs and detailed breakdown - How to decide on what type of property to buy - What to expect from a home inspection - What to look for in a building - Tips for saving for home improvements

Food and drinks will be provided. Please RSVP at so we can plan appropriately. We look forward to seeing you!

Liz Dudek, LivingRoom Realty Ben DeBoer, Molitor Financial Mike Lamb, Inspection Connection Inc.

New Class! Landscape of The Market for Sellers January 16th from 6:30-8pm.

With rates at record lows and market data pointing towards some recovery in the housing market, is it the right time for you to think about selling?  Please join Real Estate Brokers Elizabeth Dudek and Annie Coleman o Wednesday January 16th at 6:30 as they discuss the landscape of selling your home in the current market.

Whether you want to sell now or are thinking about it for a year from now, this talk will help prepare you for the realities of this market and help you position yourself to make the best possible choices.

Topics to be covered will be: - A quick history from boom to bust and how that effects the market today - Where is the market today, with neighborhood and property type examples - Who are today's buyers - Is it the right time for you to sell - Alternatives to a traditional sale - What do you need to do to prepare to sell - Pricing your home - The process and timelines

Food and Drinks will be Provided.  Please RSVP at, so we can plan appropriately.  The talk will be at LivingRoom Realty 1530 W Superior, Chicago IL.  We look forward to seeing you!

Gallery Opening: Past Perfect - Friday January 20th 6-9pm

Past Perfect - Jamie Hayes Gallery Opening: Friday January 2oth 6-9pm

We here at LivingRoom could not be more delighted than to be opening the year with this one of a kind show from the multi-talented artist Jamie Hayes.

In the spring of 2009, Jamie contacted a group of friends and colleagues to participate in a collaborative project, called Past Perfect, wherein participants would work with her to design a dream garment: items they’d loved and lost or items they’d always wanted. Participants were also asked to write about why the item was important or compelling to them. The following summer, Jamie and Photographer Alix Lambert went to Vietnam and worked with tailors there to create these garments and accessories. Alix documented this process in Vietnam, as well as photographed the final portraits of the participants in their items. This show is the first time all of these amazing items will be on display together. And we here at LivingRoom invite you to join us for what will most certainly be a remarkable evening!