Ash, Bone and Fire - Exhibition from artists Christopher Michael Hefner, Jessica Joslin, and Jared Joslin

Join us at LivingRoom Realty  Friday November 2, 7 pm - 10 pm for the opening of "Ash, Bone and Fire" an exhibition from artists, Christopher Michael HefnerJessica JoslinJared Joslin


Chris, Jessica and Jared are Chicago based "creeps" with their respective specialties being divination through charcoal, resurrection of the dead, and the capturing of spirits within oil. Halloween costumes are welcome at the opening, and appreciated!!!

SHOW DATES: November 2 – November 24, 2018. VIEWING HOURS: Saturdays 12-5 pm. To receive a collector's preview, with images & prices before the opening, or schedule a visit during the show please email

Christopher Michael Hefner

Christopher Michael Hefner is a visual artist working predominantly in charcoal.  By employing some of the most elemental means for image-making, he addresses themes of Mortality, Desire and the mirage of Control.   Hefner has also directed two feature films, “THE POISONER” (2014) and “THE PINK HOTEL” (2010), and hosts a radio show on Lumpen Radio called NIGHT TIME WITH CHRIS HEFNER, which airs on Wednesday nights.

Jessica Joslin

The creatures that populate Jessica Joslin’s world are intricate fusions of bone, brass, antique hardware and other scavenged treasures. Infused with the Victorian era’s passion for natural history and arcane technology, these creatures reflect both the real and the imagined animal, the living and the dead. Through careful observation and intricate construction, they re-imagine the animal kingdom, bolt by bolt, beast by beast. Inspired by the beauty of skeletal architecture, and a passion for assemblage sculpture, Jessica Joslin began building her menagerie of mechanical animals in 1992. A monograph of her work, “Strange Nature” was published in 2008, and her work has been featured in numerous books, magazines and exhibitions worldwide.

Jared Joslin

Jared Joslin is a figurative painter who has been devoted to his craft for over 30 years. His paintings are exquisitely realistic, with a mysterious, and slightly eerie quality. He is a clever storyteller, whose symbolic scenes are flooded with luscious colors and rich details, which can easily distract the viewer from darker undercurrents of each tale. Recurring fascinations are surreal circus themes, nostalgic glamorous portraiture, and opulent floral still lives creeping with hidden creatures. Timeless yet immediate, simultaneously mysterious and direct, his portraits and still lives seem to have been painted by the feverish hand of a lucid dreamer!  If open to receive, they welcome us into a world to dream.

Carnival of Amateurs a solo show by Joshua Lantzy at LivingRoom

Join us at LivingRoom on Saturday August 18th from 7-10pm for the opening of Joshua Lantzy's Carnival of Amateurs: stories of making told through drawings and objects, mythology and metaphor.


“It is in the very limitations of shadows that we learn…It is in the gap between the object and its representation that the image emerges, the gap we fill in” - William Kentridge

​LivingRoom presents “In the Phantom Tongue of the Mountain Witch,” an exhibition of ​art​work by Duncan Robert Anderson and David Shannon Harrison.

LivingRoom Realty is pleased to present the opening of In the Phantom Tongue of the Mountain Witch: Duncan Robert Anderson and David Shannon Harrison on Friday, May 4th, 2018 from 7 pm to 10 pm.  The event will be located at LivingRoom (1530 W. Superior St.) in the Noble Square neighborhood.

“Duncan Robert Anderson and David Shannon Harrison, friends and fellow makers of many decades, both hail from the heart of the Mountain Empire.  Perhaps coming of age in a place where iconic figures like Daniel Boone walked in flesh and blood makes you more attuned to the intrusion of myth and magic into lived experience; these works are redolent with the possibilities of Presence for better or for worse.  But it bears remembering that a figure like Boone, now emblematic of the Appalachian genius locii, an avatar of a geography of legend, was himself a sojourner: born in Pennsylvania, died in Missouri, west of Mississippi, he hunted the Colorado Rockies in his old age.

In the same sense, Anderson and Harrison’s dedication to and inspiration from their mountain home is not parochial but expansive.  Anderson has carried forth this spirit to new realms, physically relocating to Chicagoland, and thematically connecting his world-weary mountaineers to new realms and new experiences, resulting in the weird hybrid pantheons of contemporary cultures in motion.  Harrison, while physically ever more deeply emplaced in the headlands of the Valley of the Tennessee, has drilled down to discover veins of meaning that resurface in distant allusions. His strata of reference embed the origins in Deep Time of images and concepts that are nonetheless framed (sometimes literally) by local materials.

To hear some tell it, Appalachia’s principle export these days is despair.  To that assertion, “In the Phantom Tongue of the Mountain Witch” is a powerful rebuttal. ”  -Douglas Reichert Powell; Columbia College Chicago

Follow Duncan on Instagram at @duncanrobertanderson, and learn more about his and Shannon's work below.

Smoky Mountain Vista: An Interview With Duncan Robert Anderson by David Richards

Duncan Robert Anderson Show History

Skyler Rowe & Matt Jencik Live from NOPLACE

Monday, October 23, 2017Doors at 7 PM // Music at 8 PM $10 suggested donation

at LivingRoom 1530 W. Superior St. Chicago, IL 60642

LivingRoom Realty is pleased to present live music by Skyler Rowe & Matt Jencik on Monday, October 23rd from 7 PM - 10 PM. The event will be located at LivingRoom (1530 W. Superior St.) in the Noble Square neighborhood.

NOPLACE is an exhibition of new artwork by Christopher Michael Hefner. Hefner’s current exhibition includes drawings produced during a six-month stint based in Berlin, as well as drawings and a sculptural installation he has completed since returning to the United States. A suspended or shifting sense of place is the backdrop for a body of work concerned with the ways in which we construct and execute meaning, identity and desire; intricate systems of signifiers that serve to describe an imaginary path through an otherwise vast and opaque wilderness.

Doors will open at 7 PM, and music will begin at 8 PM.

$10 suggested donation to be split between the artists and a TBD natural disaster relief effort.

Matt Jencik Matt Jencik is a musician based in Chicago who currently plays guitar in the band Implodes. Jencik has been performing and recording since the early 90's.

Skyler Rowe is a drummer/percussionist residing in Chicago, IL. He performs in such outfits as Rash, Mute Duo, and Anatomy Of Habit. Since moving to Chicago he has been active in the experimental music scene. Improvising and pushing forms of drum and percussion work he continues solo pieces based on a slew of tribalistic, raw patterns and askew metallic concepts.

Follow Christopher Hefner on Instagram at @christophermichaelhefner and learn more at

​LivingRoom presents “NOPLACE” an exhibition of new ​art​work by Christopher Michael Hefner.

LivingRoom is pleased to present NOPLACE, an exhibition of new artwork by Christopher Michael Hefner, opening Friday, September 15th from 6 - 10 PM. The show will be located at LivingRoom (1530 W. Superior St.) in the Noble Square neighborhood. Guests are welcome to visit during gallery hours on Sundays through October 15th from 12 - 4 PM.

Hefner’s current exhibition includes drawings produced during a six-month stint based in Berlin, as well as drawings and a sculptural installation he has completed since returning to the United States. A suspended or shifting sense of place is the backdrop for a body of work concerned with the ways in which we construct and execute meaning, identity and desire; intricate systems of signifiers that serve to describe an imaginary path through an otherwise vast and opaque wilderness.

Follow Christopher on Instagram at @christophermichaelhefner, and learn more about him and his work at

RSVP to the Facebook event here.

Envision Unlimited, The Weaving Mill & LivingRoom Present: Places & Spaces

Places and Spaces PiecesIn partnership with the Arts Studio program at Envision Unlimited, LivingRoom Realty is pleased to present a new art show: Places & Spaces, opening Friday, May 19th from 6 - 9 PM. The show will be located at LivingRoom Realty (1530 W. Superior St.) in the Noble Square neighborhood. Not to worry if you can't make the opening reception, we'll be hosting open hours on Saturdays May 27th and June 10th from 12 - 4 PM, as well as a closing tea party on Sunday, June 18th from 12 - 4 PM.  Places & Spaces is inspired by the universal human desire to find and celebrate one’s home, whether it’s a city, a building, a community of people, or all three. The artworks in the exhibition show spaces and places and people and faces, looking backward, moving forward, stopping to see the windows, the doors, the dresses, the floors. Built from pencil, from paper, from cardboard, from toothpick—these works lift off the ground and touch back down, they roll around in their own material and trajectory.

Places & Spaces invites viewers to remember and recapitulate, see the city through someone else’s eyes—the places and spaces that stick to their ribs, the spaces and places that make up a solid world surround us.

The artists included in the exhibition are: Tim Allen, Illuminada Bernardo, Marvin Young, Timothy Jackson, and Lawanda Blake.

Sales proceeds from the exhibition will go directly to the artists and to support the Envision Arts Studio program.

The exhibition was curated by Emily Winter and Matti Sloman of The Weaving Mill and Susannah Ribstein of LivingRoom Realty.

Places and Spaces Close Up


Envision Unlimited is a non-profit social services organization with centers across the city. Its mission is to provide quality services to persons with developmental disabilities and other special needs by promoting choice, independence and community integration. Established in 1964, Envision now serves approximately 1,200 individuals and families with services including day programs, employment services, community living programs, arts and craft studios, and more.

The Weaving Mill is an industrial weaving studio run by textile artists Matti Sloman & Emily Winter which is housed within Envision Unlimited’s West Town Center. In addition to their own creative work and their collaborations with other artists and designers, TWM provides textile education workshops for adults with developmental disabilities, and hosts an experimental artist residency program designed to give artists working in diverse media access to studio space and to encourage collaboration between visiting artists and the artists of Envision Unlimited.

LivingRoom Realty is a boutique real estate firm located in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood.

Art Opening - March 7th Outdoors

It's been a long winter.  Let's go outdoors.  Join us Friday March 7th from 6-9pm for the opening of Outdoors curated by Ethan D'Ercole. Attachment-1









In November Ethan asked participants to contribute 3 pieces to a show about outside space, how it's used.  "I knew the opening would fall in late winter; however, I didn't have any clue how oppressive and relentless the 2014 Chicago winter would be.  Perfect.  All this time cooped up indoors will make art about outside space more wonderful, more therapeutic."  Ethan could not have assemble a better group of artists who balance color humor and joy de vivre in a better way.  It's been a long winter.  Let's go outdoors.

Current Gallery Show: Living in Chicago - Dmitry Samarov - Friday January 17th-March 1, 2014

Living in Chicago - Dmitry Samarov



"I've lived in Chicago for over 20 years. For all that time I've drawn and painted inside and outside the places I've lived. Oil paintings, watercolors, charcoals and inks document what I see out windows and what I choose to bring home. I never start any of these pictures with any particular meaning in mind but the better ones are able to talk back to the viewer. They remind people of moments from their own experience. Books, chairs, dishes and such are what we all have in common. They connect us. By painting what I see every day, I'm trying to have a conversation with all the others who wake to similar views every day in this city."

Please join us at LivingRoom Realty for Dmitry Samarov's opening reception, Friday January 17th, 6-9pm.

Gallery Opening: DRIFTLESS - Saturday, May 18th, 7-10pm

We are so excited to announce our next show! Please join us on Saturday, May 18th, 7-10pm for the opening night of this amazing installation. DRIFTLESS: A Collaboration of Caleb Coppock, Daphne Eck & Betni Kalk


Collectors and scavengers at their core, the artists gathered source materials as they explored 80-acres of ridge, valley and woods in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin located in the ‘Driftless Region’ of the Midwest.  Following a process of gathering and re-mixing natural, human-made and digital sources, they form a personal, composite perspective of this region. A close examination and slowing of pace amidst the cacophony of data unravels the playful potential of even the tiniest bits.

ARTIST STATEMENT: A collaborative project of Caleb Coppock, Daphne Eck and Bethany Kalk, "Driftless" is our art-based interpretation of 80-acres of ridge, valley and woods in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. Collectors and scavengers at our core, we gathered source materials as we explored property located in this ‘driftless region’ of the midwest that hadn’t been farmed in over 50 years.

Following a process of gathering and re-mixing natural, human-made and digital sources, we form a personal, composite perspective of this region. A close examination and slowing of pace amidst the cacophony of daily data unravels the playful potential of even the tiniest bits. Through our approach, we invite you to examine textures and color with care, to contemplate time passing and maybe even to linger on the subtleties of the sublime.

ABOUT SOLDIERS GROVE: Our inspiration and source materials were taken from an 80-acre farm in Soldiers Grove, a village in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin that is home to organic farmers, artists and Amish residents.

The Driftless Area is the region where Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin meet. The Driftless Area received its name for having escaped the glaciers that flattened most of the Midwest. So untouched, this preserves a large sample of what the northern and eastern United States were like before the Glacial Period.

The region has a more varied terrain than its notoriously flat and on-a-grid neighbors. Its 150-foot bluffs are made possible by uninterrupted erosion. Here, straight roads begin to curve, then turn again and again to go up or around the hills. Sunlit valleys peek sometimes peek through—but they are narrow and surrounded by forest and rocky crags.

In addition to its ridges, valleys and woods, the Soldier Grove property has a house with a nearby sauna and cabin, a barn-turned-theatre and a team of horses. Though the area is known for its many organic farms, this one hasn’t been cultivated for more than 50 years.

THE PROCESS: Our small team took several exploratory trips at different times of the year to photograph, gather ideas and materials for the exhibition. We absorbed the landscape in sun, rain and snow. Between hikes we warmed ourselves in the cabin (or the sauna), fed apples to the horses, and read back issues of The Sun.

Our beachcomber tendencies kicked in when we discovered thousands of geodes sparkling in the mud. Caleb built a stone sifter to help uncover the perfect specimen.

The exhibition includes sculptural drawings and collections of natural objects that focus on ranges of textures and colors.

BIOGRAPHIES: Caleb Coppock is a painter, sculptor, animator, designer, satellite imagery voyeur, beachcomber, and jeweler’s loupe junkie. He tirelessly searches for the glitch, the pattern, the poetic gem in what is otherwise often overlooked in this ocean of natural and digital information.

Daphne Eck is a writer, arranger and creative director. As a child, she’d try to get lost in the family almond orchard but the straight rows always led her home. Now she’s found a way to lose herself in a great story, long walk or deep thought.

Bethany Kalk is a professor, designer, painter, muralist and photographer. While growing up in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, she spent many hours submerged to her nose, watching creek creatures up close. She tracked insects, lizards and birds and watched ephemera on the forest floor decay almost overnight. Now she hunts for textures, colors and forms in the landscapes around her.

This is an event you won't want to miss.

Eve Fineman on her 2012 LivingRoom Exhibit: Objects In Space

Recently Eve Fineman wrote this lovely piece about her show at LivingRoom last year. It was a very well received show and we are delighted to have played a part! "Rather than displaying a series of independent pieces on pedestals, I was curious to see what a grouping of furniture and objects, all designed in Chicago, would look like together in one functional, unified space."


Gallery Opening: Pitch Black - Friday October 5th 7-10pm

Gallery Opening: Pitch Black The work of Damon Locks and Alix Lambert Friday October 5th 7-10pm

Pitch Black presents the work of Damon Locks and Alix Lambert. Both artists exhibit pieces that explore the unseen side of the human condition and the challenges we face in confronting and exploring those places.

The screen prints on display by Damon Locks in the Pitch Black exhibit explore another tributary of his expression. Gone is the populous that inhabit his artistic terrain. The urban landscapes of previous pieces are deemed irrelevant in this new set of pieces. Shape and texture have moved to the forefront. There is an implicit interest in how mark making can bring forth some of the same concepts as his previous work in a more abstracted way.

The show is made up of a series of MOOD pieces. Even in their absence, it could be said the subject matter still revolves around people but now his artistic lens focuses on their reverberations. A recent viewing of Jean Painlevé's microscopic look at undersea life brought to mind otherworldly landscapes and inspired the more textural approach to this series.

The photography and sculpture by Alix Lambert are from her ongoing investigation into death. The two images were taken at the University of Tennessee’s Forensic Anthropological Research Center (nicknamed The Body Farm)  - the only facility in the world that studies the decomposition of the human corpse. The bronze dental casts are a nod to teeth and/or bite marks being common in identifying bodies and murder victims respectively.

“We are not a culture of death. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t go into great depth about what happens when someone dies. Let’s take somebody who is killed and thrown out on the edge of the road and police are called. They come and they hold up sheets so that you can’t see what’s going on. Everybody drives by looking – but can’t see anything. They call whoever comes to pick up the body. They come and out the body in a black disaster bag, and again you can’t see what they are doing. The body bag goes to the morgue. Well, you don’t take tours of morgues and you don’t know what goes on in a morgue. If you ever see that individual again it may be at the funeral if they have an open coffin. But if they don’t, they are buried and no one ever sees it. I don’t know why we cover it up.” – Bill Bass, Forensic anthropologist and founder of The Body Farm.


If you can't make the opening event LivingRoom will also be participating in the West Town Art Walk the next day, Saturday October 6th, from 12-4pm.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Gallery Opening: New work by Jesse Harrod and Elijah Burgher Friday March 9th

New work by Jesse Harrod and Elijah Burgher Gallery Opening: Friday March 9th from 6-9pm

Please join us here at LivingRoom for this special show featuring two amazing local artists, Jesse Harrod and Elijah Burgher.


Our bodies accelerate quickly into extremes of pleasure and pain, often it is only the best of lovers, of landscapes, or of experiences that can tame, tease, or guide our entry into either realm. What pleasure and pain look like or feel like, though, is deeply unclear, is abstract, is insidious, is different for everyone. There is no one to one relationship when it comes to this. The serene garden hiding pistils and traps. The covert messages and innuendos of any symbolic act. The excruciating things we want to have happen.


Jesse Harrod has an MFA from the department of Material Studies from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. She has been writing and making work that employs traditional and contemporary craft and sculptural practices with a focus on craft as “other” and how this pertains to queer theory as well as second and third wave feminism. Jesse is interested in working with the layers that exist within the history of cloth and fabric. Those layers include, class, colonization, trade, puberty, and domesticity.

Elijah Burgher is an artist and writer based in Chicago, IL. He has exhibited in solo shows at 2nd Floor Projects in San Francisco, CA and Shane Campbell Gallery in Oak Park, IL and two-persons shows at Lump in Raleigh, NC and Peregrine Program in Chicago. Recent group shows include exhibitions at Famous Accountants in Brooklyn, NY, Envoy Enterprises and Anna Kustera in New York, Noma in San Francisco, and Gallery 400 and Roots & Culture in Chicago.  He received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004, and a BA from Sarah Lawrence college in 2000, where he studied Literature.

Gallery Opening: Past Perfect - Friday January 20th 6-9pm

Past Perfect - Jamie Hayes Gallery Opening: Friday January 2oth 6-9pm

We here at LivingRoom could not be more delighted than to be opening the year with this one of a kind show from the multi-talented artist Jamie Hayes.

In the spring of 2009, Jamie contacted a group of friends and colleagues to participate in a collaborative project, called Past Perfect, wherein participants would work with her to design a dream garment: items they’d loved and lost or items they’d always wanted. Participants were also asked to write about why the item was important or compelling to them. The following summer, Jamie and Photographer Alix Lambert went to Vietnam and worked with tailors there to create these garments and accessories. Alix documented this process in Vietnam, as well as photographed the final portraits of the participants in their items. This show is the first time all of these amazing items will be on display together. And we here at LivingRoom invite you to join us for what will most certainly be a remarkable evening!