Join us for "How Your Home Works 101"

On Wednesday April 14th at 7PM join us here at LivingRoom for "How Your Home Works 101" with Jeffery Wadsworth from Residential & Commercial Inspection Service LLC. home

Jeffrey will be giving a crash course for current and prospective homeowners about the major home systems we all depend on.  Roofs, boilers, HVAC, water heaters, windows...the list goes on and on!  From general systems maintenance to warning signs, cost of repair or replacement, including cost and energy efficient options, this lecture should prove to be entertaining and amazingly informative.  Whether you already own a home or if you are just looking to be a better budgeter before making the leap, there is always more to know.

And as an added treat, local organic delivery service Fresh Picks will be providing the brain food in the form of fresh fruit and veggies.  We are all very excited about this presentation and we hope to see you there!