Intro to Urban Beekeeping at LivingRoom, 3/24th 7PM

Like honey?  Want to learn how to produce it yourself (with the help of several thousand bees)? Please join us at 7PM on Wednesday March 24th at LivingRoom for an introductory presentation by Kevin Dick on keeping bees in the city of Chicago.

Kevin and his wife have kept a hive in their backyard in Chicago's Roscoe Village neighborhood for the past 4 years and produce 14-20 gallons of honey a year, which they jar as Sticky Dick Honey (and will be here for tasting!).

Kevin will discuss the trials and tribulations (and joys!) involved in such a task, bring equipment for show-and-tell, and hopefully leave you with enough information and optimism to undertake it yourself!

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Kevin Dick is an environmental scientist and naturalist with expertise in many aspects of sustainable living. Several of Kevin's passions are related to human relationships with the natural world, and when not working or volunteering, Kevin's hobbies tend to gravitate toward working with nature in an urban setting, including volunteering with the Chicago Botanic Garden's Plants of Concern program. Kevin's experience with native plants through his botany and gardening interests eventually led to an interest in keeping an apiary, and a pursuit of learning about the biology of bees to better manage the apiary has led to four successful years of productive honey harvesting, happy neighbors, and interested friends.

When not thinking about bees, Kevin is the Director of the Delta Institute Weatherization Program, and has consulted on green building and LEED projects around Chicago. Past and present research has centered on distribution and diversity of street trees in the City of Chicago and the importance of the private landowner in protected species conservation. Kevin has a BS in Environmental Studies from the University of Cincinnati, and an MA in Geography & Environmental Studies at Northeastern Illinois University.