Jon & Sarah's $100 House Is Famous!

For months I've been telling people about the house our friends Sarah & Jon bought in Detroit for $100.  Apparently I haven't been the only one...The New York Times ran an Op-Ed story about them on Saturday about "filling Detroit’s desolate neighborhoods with starving artists!"

For those of you that haven't considered the merits of buying a dilapidated $100 house in Detroit consider Jon & Sarah's friends, Mitch & Gina, who already own a home and a garden on three adjacent lots on their new block. 
"The run-down bungalow had already been stripped of its appliances and wiring by the city’s voracious scrappers. But for Mitch that only added to its appeal, because he now had the opportunity to renovate it with solar heating, solar electricity and low-cost, high-efficiency appliances."

UPDATE: Sarah & Jon were on 20/20!  Watch it here.

(There's a small hole in the roof...)