​LivingRoom presents “In the Phantom Tongue of the Mountain Witch,” an exhibition of ​art​work by Duncan Robert Anderson and David Shannon Harrison.

LivingRoom Realty is pleased to present the opening of In the Phantom Tongue of the Mountain Witch: Duncan Robert Anderson and David Shannon Harrison on Friday, May 4th, 2018 from 7 pm to 10 pm.  The event will be located at LivingRoom (1530 W. Superior St.) in the Noble Square neighborhood.

“Duncan Robert Anderson and David Shannon Harrison, friends and fellow makers of many decades, both hail from the heart of the Mountain Empire.  Perhaps coming of age in a place where iconic figures like Daniel Boone walked in flesh and blood makes you more attuned to the intrusion of myth and magic into lived experience; these works are redolent with the possibilities of Presence for better or for worse.  But it bears remembering that a figure like Boone, now emblematic of the Appalachian genius locii, an avatar of a geography of legend, was himself a sojourner: born in Pennsylvania, died in Missouri, west of Mississippi, he hunted the Colorado Rockies in his old age.

In the same sense, Anderson and Harrison’s dedication to and inspiration from their mountain home is not parochial but expansive.  Anderson has carried forth this spirit to new realms, physically relocating to Chicagoland, and thematically connecting his world-weary mountaineers to new realms and new experiences, resulting in the weird hybrid pantheons of contemporary cultures in motion.  Harrison, while physically ever more deeply emplaced in the headlands of the Valley of the Tennessee, has drilled down to discover veins of meaning that resurface in distant allusions. His strata of reference embed the origins in Deep Time of images and concepts that are nonetheless framed (sometimes literally) by local materials.

To hear some tell it, Appalachia’s principle export these days is despair.  To that assertion, “In the Phantom Tongue of the Mountain Witch” is a powerful rebuttal. ”  -Douglas Reichert Powell; Columbia College Chicago

Follow Duncan on Instagram at @duncanrobertanderson, and learn more about his and Shannon's work below.

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