Gallery Opening - Colin Matthes: BAND-AID Friday April 11th 6-9pm

Matthes_EssentialKnowledge-4web LivingRoom is proud to present our first show in collaboration with ACRE's year-long series of  exhibitions by 2013 ACRE summer residents.

Colin Matthes' recent work addresses economic and environmental crisis from a funny, critical, and perversely industrious point of view. For his first Chicago solo exhibition, BAND-AID: Instructional and Flood Resistant Work, he will show flood resistant luxury objects and a series of instructional drawings.

Essential Knowledge is a series of instructional drawings designed to teach basic skills for success in challenging situations. Frank Abruzzese (in his curatorial statement for an exhibition at Monster Truck, Dublin, Ireland) described the drawings as "looking to themes of resourcefulness and defiance rooted in both survivalist and DIY cultures, the drawings provide not-so-practical instructions for imagined and real scenarios ranging from Preparing Small Game to Landing a Plane in an Emergency."

The flood resistant works will maintain their value as commodity by surviving floods and rising sea levels. These objects are designed to have a calming and motivational presence for their lucky/prepared owner in times leading up to and during environmental duress. They borrow language and imagery from motivational posters, contemporary protest, distraction, apathy, and business. Matthes engineers the absurd by developing overcomplicated Band-Aids that present provisional solutions to serious concerns rooted in environmental and economic calamity.

COLIN MATTHES’ practice includes painting, drawing, installation, zine and graphic production, and public art projects. Matthes works collectively with Justseeds, a network of twenty-six artists living in the United States, Canada, and Mexico that runs a print collective, contributes graphics to social movements, and co-publishes books. As an individual artist, Matthes has exhibited across Europe and the United States. Solo exhibitions include Artspace Leguit, Antwerp, Belgium and Igloo Gallery, Portland, Oregon; group exhibitions include Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, Munch Gallery, New York, and the Haggerty Museum, Milwaukee. He has participated in many residencies including Hotel Pupik (Austria), Werkkamp (Belgium), and Cow House Studios (Ireland). Matthes won the Marl L Nohl Fellowship for Individual Artists in 2012 (Established) and 2007 (Emerging).

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