Closing Event - The Vacancy - Saturday September 22nd 7-10pm

Please join us Saturday September 22nd from 7-10pm for your final chance to see The Vacancy. Featuring new work by Chicagoans Tony Fitzpatrick, Duncan Robert Anderson, Daniel Bruttig and Chris Hefner. "The Vacancy" is a forum for the four artists to focus upon the themes of removal, absence and distance that are a perennial element in their work.


Utilizing a wide variety of media, they address the lost, the endangered, the silent and the ephemeral.  Although their work is certainly in regard to the Void, it is as much about the precious fleeting moments of togetherness and beauty that color our days as it is about the silence that awaits us at the end of them. Through "The Vacancy", the four artists do not seek to mourn, rather they offer the simple but sacred opportunity to gather and witness.