This Thursday: Gallery Opening - Joshua Cox "With/in Chicago"

We are very excited here at LivingRoom to be presenting the site specific show With/in Chicago by artist Joshua Cox. Please join us for the opening reception this Thursday July 7th from 6-9pm! With/in Chicago is a memory map installation of the physical and experiential landscape of Joshua's first two years living in Chicago.

Joshua's artwork is centered on an exploration of a personal landscape—home, family, memory and uses mapping as a means of understanding his evolving relationship with ‘home’.

Here is a photo of the exhibit being installed. We can't wait to see the finished product this Thursday!

LivingRoom 006

In Joshua's words:

"During my first months of life in Chicago, my experience of the city was based almost entirely on geography – learned by trekking between job interviews and aimless wanderings.  With no money for bus fare, my walks centered on the neighborhood where I lived or, once I found a job, the route I walked to and from work every day (West on Chicago Ave., North on Milwaukee to Armitage).  My geographic knowledge of Chicago was limited to a very specific, and very repetitive, route.  Beyond explanation, it was at once stifling and fascinating.  I've since been promoted to a new workplace, met a great girl, got married, moved to a new neighborhood, and have expanded my city-view.  But it’s expanding slowly and in a patch-work fashion.  It's this growth of my geographic experience of ‘home’ that fascinates me.

With/in Chicago is a map of the city, but it’s a map of experiences, not geography.  It’s a map of how it FEELS to be here, not of simply what IS here."