Gallery Opening - Desaturate: Curated by Damon Locks - Friday May 13th 6-9pm

We here at LivingRoom are so excited to be hosting the "real life" counterpart to Damon Lock's online show Desaturate on Friday May 13th from 6-9pm. This show features art by: Ethan D'Ercole, Jay Ryan, Damon Locks, Derrick Buisch, Dan S Wang, Dan Grzeca & John Hitchcock. The parameters of Damon's concept for Desaturate were that each artist would produce 5 screen prints using only one color to print

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Here is a quote from Damon about putting together the online collection:

"Recently, I have been fostering the idea of using accountability to make sure artwork got done. I would talk to other artist friends about the work they planned to do over the weekend, we would compare notes and promise to get X amount of work completed. We would agree to send each other a jpeg come Monday to show the progress made. We were accountable to each other. I thought I would apply this method to a larger idea. So, I asked a few artist friends to participate in Desaturate."

The works you see were created in a span of four months, and were digitally shown online, through Damon's Facebook page. We are so pleased to be hosting this show, of the full collection, for the first time together in the same place, let alone the same city!

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Also available for order through Damon the night of the show will be the art book version of this series.

We may say it a lot, but what else can we do when we are this lucky? Don't miss this event!