Last chance to see the 10 x 10 Show at LivingRoom Saturday February 19th!

For those of you that missed the awesome Ten x Ten show at LivingRoom here is some great news! LivingRoom will be having a Last Chance Afternoon Tea Time on Saturday February 19th from 2 - 5pm. So come on by, say Hi and check out this great show while you still can. And bonus news, there are still some copies of the Spudnik Press set of prints from the show available for purchase. We hope to see you there!

Ten x Ten front proof

Ten Chicago print makers chose their favorite Chicago musical artists and bands to each record an original song for a compilation. Each print maker will then created a 10" x 10", 3-color print design inspired by the song they commissioned. The final package will feature a suite of ten fine art prints and a ten song compilation of exclusive tracks.  The exhibition will feature all of the prints as well as additional work from each artist.

Ten x Ten features prints by these printmakers: Dee Clements, Sanya Glisic, Kathleen Judge, Angee Lennard, Onsmith, Colin Palombi, Joey Potts, Grant Reynolds, Tom Smith & Sonnenzimmer. And songs by these musicians: Locks, Max Alexander, The Late Model Races, Strictly Jug Nuts, Sky Event, Netherfriends, Nones, Christine Kick, Blasted Diplomats & Jason Adasiewicz.

Brought to you by Spudnik Press & Homeroom.