***CANCELED*** Chicago Coffee Confederation presents Coffee Roasting 101, on 6/23

Sorry, this event had to be canceled for now.  We hope to reschedule soon and will let you know when we do!--

Chicago Coffee Confederation presents Coffee Roasting 101 with David Meyers.  Join us for your introduction to roasting coffee at home and the awesome work of David and his fellow roasters as they work towards their goal of opening Cafe Chicago.  The event will take place at LivingRoom on Wednesday, June 23rd from 7-9PM.  If you would like to attend please RSVP.


Here is some more info about Cafe Chicago and the Chicago Coffee Confederation:

A couple of visionary, deep-rooted community organizations are making history in Chicago.  They are taking the Windy City back to its roots as the city of big shoulders, not big lattes.

The Chicago Coffee Confederation, working with the Latino Union of Chicago, is creating the first immigrant-and-worker-owned, justice-oriented coffee company in the country.  Cafe Chicago will dramatically transform the landscape of social justice and immigrant rights struggles for years to come, while serving as a new model of social action, job creation, and non-profit funding.

In seeking to address real and growing economic and social failures within our society, Café Chicago will be the city's first 100% fair trade organic coffee roaster operating as a workers' cooperative, with revenues devoted to funding the Latino Union’s work.

With a vision of opening up public space for a revival of working class culture, an attached cafe will serve as a place for folks to relax with food and beverages, while hosting a workers center for immigrant and blue collar workers.

The Chicago Coffee Confederation started six years ago in an old garage on the Northwest Side, roasting fair trade organic coffee in a BBQ equipped with a rotisserie and a steel drum while raising funds to support organizations such as the Latino Union and the Chicago Women's Health Center.  Three such micro-roasters are now operating in garages round town, and earlier this year the Confederation won a Time Out Chicago Eat Out Award for Best Micro-Roastery in the city. Through these years of creative collaboration with the Latino Union's work to improve the social and economic conditions of the city's street corner immigrant day laborers, our work finally and recently spilled over into the making of Cafe Chicago