Bullseye! Check out the new Archery Bow Range Chicago

IMG_0747IMG_0740 The staff here at LivingRoom couldn't help but have fun when we visited the newly opened Archery Bow Range Chicago.


Here is some more information from their website:

Archery Bow Range Chicago is managed by a team of Lincoln Park Archery Club members who are dedicated to growing the sport and art of archery in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. It is our goal to put the great sport of archery on display by offering a full schedule of events that will be sure to appeal to archers of all skills levels. From beginners to the competitive archers, from the traditional recurve shooters to the bowhunter and modern compound shooters, EVEN THE PASSERSBY WHO JUST WANT TO TRY SOMETHING NEW...we have something for you!

On Saturday June 19th & Saturday June 26th there is an introductory class at the Archery Bow Range from 11am-1pm. Next month there is also a free clinic available through the LPAC. Give it a shot!