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South Loop Printer's Row true concrete loft in Paper Place a Burnham designed building. Listed at $335,000, this corner penthouse has soaring 14ft ceilings, split bedroom layout, great light, & open living area. The unit also features exposed brick and beautiful south and east city views. The bedrooms are completely closed off for privacy. There is a large master bedroom custom built in & walk in closet. The ample second bedroom has a walk in closet. The open layout has a kitchen with stainless steel appliances & granite. There is a  work out room and bike room in the building. Rental parking options available.  Easy walk to downtown, many grocery stores and restaurants, and down the street from shops and movie theater at Roosevelt Collection. For questions and to schedule a showing contact Elizabeth at 312-498-7378.







Hey look! We were featured in the ReBuilding Exchange's newsletter!


Jeremy Kirk, owner of Kirk and Sons Construction, Elise Zelechowski, Executive Director of Rebuilding Exchange, and Annie Coleman, Managing Broker of LivingRoom Realty recently sat down to discuss Jeremy's recent restoration of a turn-of-the-century home in Hyde Park. Using salvaged and reclaimed materials, from the Rebuilding Exchange and other area reuse stores, while also upgrading the house with modern amenities, he combined a vintage and modern aesthetic to achieve a beautiful, unique, and "green" remodel. An excerpt from the interview is below.

Elise: Jeremy, you recently renovated a single family home in Hyde Park using mostly reclaimed and salvaged materials.  Were you motivated by potential cost savings or were you looking for a certain look for your remodel?

1314E52nd_viewer_6  1314E52nd_viewer_165

Jeremy: You can’t totally go into this just thinking you're going to save money.  The problem is that you might save money on the purchase of the reclaimed materials initially, but it will likely cost you more in labor to install those materials. This project is different then a lot of the creative reuse projects we’ve undertaken or seen. I don’t think there is a thing in the renovation that we put in just because it’s an old thing.  Reuse is not necessarily always about a reuse aesthetic movement.

Elise: Interesting. To that end, I think it’s really critical to bring a contractor into the project early when using reclaimed materials.  An integrated approach to the renovation process is key!  You have to openly communicate your vision early on, and then develop a relationship of trust, because your contractor will likely need to make a number of creative decisions on issues as they come up real time.  No one wants to micromanage! Or have a bunch of change orders.... Using reclaimed materials mandates that kind of openness.

Jeremy:  It’s true.  As a contractor, there are questions 10 times a day where you need to let the materials guide you towards a solution, letting the materials sometimes decide outcome.  Sometimes you don’t even have the materials yet, but you have a vision and a range of options.

Annie: What do you think are the benefits of using reclaimed materials?

Jeremy: Quality is number one.  We are very fortunate to be in Chicago because there is so much quality material around here, local manufacturing that has been around forever.  Take Chicago Faucets, for example. You can find a 100-year-old faucet that is about the same as the ones they sell now. It looks the same, it works the same, nothing is different.  You can still get the replacement parts. They cost about $380 new. You can get the same quality in a reclaimed one...and it’s never ceased to function.  There is almost something almost metaphysical about it. A quote I like is "historic renovation should maintain the integrity of the building's passage through time".  So you’re not trying to fix the building to when it was done.  If the building was built in 1890, it doesn't matter if the thing we are putting in there is from 1890 or 1910 or 1920, it is all part of what’s accumulated in the history of the structure.

1314E52nd_viewer_32  1314E52nd_viewer_9

Annie: So, do you feel that you ‘restored’ the property on 52nd?

Jeremy: I guess it’s hard not to call it restoration, but what you're really trying to do is bring out the qualities that were always there hidden through linoleum, wallpaper, and paneling.

Elise: There's quite a bit of research demonstrating that neighborhoods with maintained or restored older buildings tend to have better economic sustainability potential long-term.  Which makes sense when you consider how the built environment, and component building materials, act as cultural and historical assets, and make up a part of the fabric of our communities.

Annie: And in the case of a restoration or remodeling project, there’s something very special about a house where every part has been deliberated upon and the quality of each piece maximized.

You can find more photos of this project in our previous post.

Checking in With The Newest C3 Prefab!

The C3Prefab in West Town is quickly taking shape! The SIPs wall panels and structural framing are installed with an insulation rating of R30 (walls) and R60 (roof). These ratings are well above EnergyStar's zone 5 recommendations and we expect top insulation performance. SIPs panels are constructed in the factory, therefore precision and quality control are much higher than what can be achieved with on-site construction.  


Currently the interior framing and stairs are being constructed. Here are a few pictures of the open living room, dining room, and kitchen. In these pictures you can see the double height ceiling, which is an optional feature.



Below are a few shots of the second floor stairwell and hallway. The hallway looks over the double height ceiling of the main living space and leads to the master bedroom and bath. The large window in the hallway looks over the courtyard.



What's Next...

Furring strips will be installed at the exterior walls which will form an air space between the exterior SIP surface and the finished siding. The outside face of the SIP panels will then be treated with a product called Enviro-Dri that acts as a breathable building membrane (in place of Tyvek). So stay tuned for more exciting updates!

LivingRoom Realty is the exclusive sales team for C3, if you are interested in learning more about the possibility of building your own prefab home please contact us.

Three Great Work Spaces now for rent in The Kimball Arts Building!!!

There are three unique spaces now available for rent in the Kimball Arts Building. These spaces are perfect for Artists, Designers and Craftspeople, and they won't last long! Please contact Annie for a showing at 312-371-9293.

And please help us spread the word!

This unit is a 2nd floor space, perfect for artists or designers. Rent is $575 per month with $100 per month for utilities (A/C & Heat). Lovely open space with skylights.

This unit is a large 2nd floor space, perfect for artists or designers. Rent is $1,100 per month with $100 per month for utilities (A/C & Heat). Includes skylights, 10ft ceilings and a private bathroom.

This unit is a large 1st floor space, perfect for a woodshop or something similar. Rent is $1600 per month with $150 per month for utilities. Includes it's own entrance and garage. This unit also has 10ft ceilings.

C3 Prefab Partnership with Square Root Architecture

LivingRoom Realty, together with architect Jeff Sommers of Square Root Architecture, are thrilled to announce our partnership to market and build C3 Prefab, the first green prefab housing available in Chicago!  

After years of hard work and dedication, we have created a wonderful team to help make the vision of sustainable, semi-customizable, affordable prefab homes a reality to the city of Chicago.

Building an affordable LEED certified home in Chicago is now a possibility. Each step of the way our team will walk you through the process; from land acquisition, to financing, to building your dream home.

C3 Prefab homes and multi-family dwellings are semi-customizable at a current range of $150-$250 per square foot depending on desired level of finishes, along with your energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Our goal is to provide options that fit both your lifestyle and budget.

To find out more about C3 Prefab visit us on the web and take the tour, or contact the C3 Client Coordinator, Elizabeth Dudek, or Annie Coleman